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I had no idea what was in stock for me when I woke up this morning, which is very understandable. You don't just wake up expecting to be blown away beyond measures. Miracles are rare but they don't happen every day. Imagine my surprise when I got to my desk and saw a bright yellow carton with a drawing of Cush Man sitting gallantly on it. I wasn't quite sure what the deal was or why there were three similar but definitely different packages on my desk. As far as I could remember, there was only one Cush Man by Nasty Juice. I picked up the one closest to me, Mango Strawberry. It took a moment to sink in but I finally realized that Nasty Juice had created an entire line and called it Nasty Cush Man Series E Liquid. You know how this goes, to write about it, you've got to try it. Give me a moment to get my words together here because this e juice definitely has me overwhelmed. Delectable does not even begin to cut it. Every sense of mine tingled the moment I inhaled this delicious blend. There's a reason why strawberries are a scarecrow's favorite fruit and trust me, I found out upon my first inhale. Mango Strawberry is extremely juicy and extremely sweet. I could feel my lungs heaving in appreciation and I could not disagree with them. Nasty Cush Man Series E Liquid may as well be the answer to my prayers. Anything capable of giving me a good day that early in the morning is definitely worth its weight in gold. Don't listen to me rant too long, just whip out your card and make this purchase already.